MedWaste Tracker®
Safe Solutions for Sharps and Medical Waste

MedWaste Tracker provides efficient and affordable pre-paid mailing systems for management of sharps and medical waste. These are suitable for Healthcare, Businesses, Public Places, Communities and Personal Use.

Each MedWaste Tracker System contains:

  • Sharps container(s) or medical waste container
  • Postal authorized return system
  • Prepaid postage return
  • Environmental treatment and disposal
  • Documentation of destruction

2.5 and the 5 Gallon Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) and sharps containers. Sold as a mailback buckets for disposal of RMW and sharps containers, or add to your bucket purchase the Spill Clean Up Kit that includes all of the products necessary to safely contain and clean up a biohazard spill

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Sharps Collector 1.4 qt
M1Q - MedWaste Tracker 1.4 qt $59.00 Qty:   
Capacity: 75 1-cc syringes, 35 3-cc syringes, 140 Pen needles
Dimensions: 11" x 6" x 6"
Note: For personal use by individuals injecting infrequently from a prefilled syringe, or for pen needle users.
Sharps Collector 6.9 qt
M6Q - MedWaste Tracker 6.9 qt $89.00 Qty:   
Capacity: 300 1-cc syringes, 145 3-cc syringes, 730 Pen needles
Dimensions: 14" x 10" x 7"
M6Q2 - MedWaste Tracker 6.9 qt (2 pack) $159.00 Qty:   
Capacity: 300 1-cc syringes, 145 3-cc syringes, 730 Pen needles
Dimensions: 14" x 12" x 11"
Sharps Collector 8.2 qt
M8Q - MedWaste Tracker 8.2 qt $129.00 Qty:   
Capacity: 370 1-cc syringes, 175 3-cc syringes, 870 Pen needles
Dimensions: 16" x 11" x 7"
Regulated Medical Waste and Sharps
M2G - MedWaste Tracker 2.5 gal Mailback System $139.00 Qty:   
Capacity: 25 lbs of biohazard waste and/or contained Sharps (not loose).
Dimensions: 11.75W x 10H
Note: M2G MedWaste Tracker 2.5 gal for disposal of RMW and sharps containers.
M5G - MedWaste Tracker 5 gal $179.00 Qty:   
Capacity: 35 lbs of biohazardous waste and/or contained sharps (not loose). Can fit 6-1.4 qt Sharps OR 1-8.2 qt Sharps & 2-1.4 qt Sharps OR 1-6.9 qt & 2-1.4 qt
Dimensions: 12.5W x 15.5H
Note: For disposal of Regulated Medical Waste and filled sharps containers.
Universal Precaution Compliance Kit
UPCK - Universal Precaution Compliance Kit for biohazard spill clean ups $60.00 Qty:   

Important Notice: The M28G product has been discontinued and all outstanding 28 gallon MedWaste containers should have been returned for treatment no later than June 30, 2015.
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