Printer Inkjet & Toner Recycling

R-2 and e-Steward certified process.

How it Works:

1 - Fill a box
Each box must include:

  • 25 inkjet cartridges OR
  • 10 laser toner cartridges
    - As long as one minimum is met, smaller quantities of the other item can be included.
    - If you include both inkjets and lasers, the inkjets must be bagged to prevent contamination from toner dust.
  • Do not include toner bottles, toner tubes or ribbons.
  • 50 lbs. maximum per box.
  • Add packing material to prevent cartridge movement and damage during shipment
  • Tape all box seams.

2 - Order a return shipping label
  • You will receive an email within an hour with a shipping label and bar code.
  • Place the shipping label on the box top and the barcode label on box side.

3 - Place the box in your office shipping and receiving

Step 1. Select Container and Add to Cart
Printer Inkjet & Toner Recycling
PLAB - Return Shipping Label $75.00 Qty:   
Note: You will receive an email with instructions for label printing.

Acceptable Items

Inkjet Cartridges Laser Cartridges

Unacceptable Items

toner bottles, toner tubes or ribbons

Step 2. Review Cart and Check Out

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