Carbon Neutral Shipping

What is it?
Waste Management has always been active in managing the environmental footprint we leave behind. Part of this involves offsetting the CO2 emission created during the shipping of our mail-back recycling kits.* We're doing this to make your purchase even more environmentally friendly.

How do we do this?
By supporting companies and projects dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions we offset the environmental impact from shipping and make your LampTracker mail-back recycling kit purchase even more beneficial to the environment. (See how we calculate this below.)

How is it calculated?
To determine the number of offsets needed, the carbon footprint of shipping LampTracker mail-back recycling kit products was calculated using WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocols for mobile source transportation. The following factors were used to determine the average carbon footprint of LampTracker shipments:
  • Average weight of each LampTracker container (both full and empty)
  • Maximum possible domestic distance to and from a Waste Management recycling center (to conservatively overestimate emissions)

Carbon Neutral Shipping - Ship Green with Waste Management Lamptracker's innovative VaporLok technology provides unparalleled shipping safety for otherwise hazardous, unshipable materials. We'll send you a recycling container to mail back when you're ready.  Shipping costs are included in the prepaid rate of the box.