WM LampTracker is committed to proper management of electronic waste. All electronics collected and managed by WM LampTracker are processed by recyclers who are certified to one or both of the following certification standards, e-Stewards®, R2 (Responsible Recycling) and/or RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standards).

All collected electronic products and wastes are processed in the United States by certified recyclers.

For more on electronics recycling by Waste Management, see Electronics Recycling Information

WM Prepaid Electronics Recycling programs include

  • Shipping from your site to a certified recycling facility
  • Environmentally responsible recycling of all materials
  • Emailed recycling certificate
  • Online records management

WM Prepaid Gaylord and Mailback recycling kits also include recycling container and shipping to your site.


  • Phones: Cell, Smart, Office, Home
  • Computers: Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet
  • TVs & Monitors of all types
  • Players: Game, CD, DVD, VCR – and speakers
  • Digital Cameras and Navigation Devices
  • Printers, Scanners & Copiers
  • Keyboards & Mice
  • Power Cords & Cables
  • Server, Network & Telecom Equipment

Not available to businesses or organizations in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Canada.

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eScrapTracker® by the Pallet
Price includes shipping and recycling. Use your own gaylord or boxes and pallet. We will provide packaging instructions, pallet labels and a bill of lading. When you are ready to ship, go to and click on Request Return Shipping.

EP1 - First Pallet $649.00 Qty:   
EPE - Each Additional Pallet on the same shipment $549.00 Qty:   
ELG - Lift Gate (if no loading dock or trailer access) $200.00 Qty:   
eScrapTracker® by the Gaylord
Price includes gaylord, pallet, shipping and recycling. When you are ready to ship, go to and click on “Request Return Shipping.” Pickup is by a 53’ semi.

BEG - eScrapTracker (large) $699.00 Qty:   
Capacity: 600 lb
Dimensions: 41" x 33" x 32"h
BEH - eScrapTracker (small) $649.00 Qty:   
Capacity: 360 lb
Dimensions: 34" x 24" x 32"h
BLG - Lift Gate (if no loading dock or trailer access) $200.00 Qty:   
eScrapTracker® by the Mail
Price includes box, shipping & recycling. Prepaid UPS Return Shipping Label included with box.

BEL - Large Electronics Box $109.00 Qty:   
Capacity: two CPUs/towers and peripherals, no more than 50 lb maximum.
Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 19"h
NO old TVs or CRTs.
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