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Welcome to the new site for
MedWaste Tracker®
Safe Solutions for Sharps and Medical Waste

MedWaste Tracker is now part of Waste Management - Tracker Services.

You can now find information about our MedWaste Tracker kits and service on www.WMTracker.com. Under the “Products� drop down menu, click on MedWaste Tracker. At this one site you can also purchase mail back recycling kits for fluorescent lamps, batteries, electronics and other wastes requiring special handling.

Ordering: To order MedWaste Tracker kits online, please create a new account at www.WMTracker.com with a user name and password.  Once your new account is established, your records of prior MedWaste Tracker kits will be migrated to your new account if you provide your prior MedWaste username during account setup.

Billing: We accept credit cards but do not store your credit card information. Or, we can send an invoice for payment. Invoices will be billed directly from WM Tracker.

Pricing: The prices of the MedWaste Tracker kits are now all-inclusive of the kits and the shipping to you and back to our treatment facility. No additional charges will be incurred.

Reports: You can access your account records and print scanned manifests from www.WMTracker.com.

Customer Service: Our dedicated Customer Service professionals can be reached from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday.
By phone: 800-664-1434
By email: lamptracker@wm.com

These changes are intended to enhance your service and experience. If you have any questions, please call 800-664-1434.

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