Recycling Options for your Product

Electronics Recycling For Kodak Alaris Products

If you want to replace a Kodak alaris outdated electronic product or recycle the related packaging, we've made the process simple. In partnership with Waste Management, Kodak alaris will provide responsible recycling services to give new life to old Kodak alaris products and the related packaging.

Electronics Recycling

Most electronics contain heavy metals that can be harmful to human health and the environment. With technology rapidly evolving in our increasingly digital age, outdated electronic devices are thrown away at an accelerating pace. Used electronics now account for 70 percent of the toxic waste found in landfills.

Environmental Stewardship

Waste Management is committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions for handling e-waste.

Waste Management is committed to:

  • preventing e-waste from entering municipal incinerators or landfills
  • preventing the export of e-waste to developing countries
  • providing visible tracking of e-waste throughout the product recycling chain

Waste Management is commitment to contracting solely with certified vendors for the management of e-waste. Downstream vendors utilized for the management of e-waste are vetted and certified to The Responsible Recycling (“R2”) Standard for Electronics Recyclers and/or the e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment©.

Packaging Recycling

Kodak Alaris wants to make packaging recycling a simple and easy process for general and business consumers. All packaging products used to transport Kodak alaris products will be responsibly recycled. Kodak Alaris Packaging Material include (Expanded Polystyrene Foam, High Density and Low Density bags (HDPE and LDPE) and cardboard) used for Kodak alaris products. Customers are responsible for the packaging of the material to be recycled.

Contact Us

If you have questions please contact us at 855-347-3652.

Recycling Options

SCANNERS & SCANNER ACCESSORIES - Recycling Shipping Label - $50.00

KODAK SCANMATE i900 Series Scanner
KODAK i6000 Series Check Scanner
KODAK i30 Scanner
KODAK i40 Scanner
KODAK SCANMATE i1100 Series Scanner
1KODAK A4 Tethered A37Flatbed Accessory
KODAK i2000 Series Scanner
KODAK A3 Flatbed Accessory
KODAK Legal Size Flatbed Accessory
KODAK i1200 Series Scanner
KODAK i1300 Series Scanner
KODAK i100 Series Scanner
KODAK i1400 Series Scanner
KODAK i200 Series Scanner
KODAK i50 Scanner
KODAK i60 Scanner
KODAK Scan Station Series Scanner
KODAK i80 Scanner
KODAK TRUPER Series Scanner
KODAK Alaris i3000 Series Scanners
KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Series Scanner Models / 1500 / 2500 / 3500 / / 3510 / 3520 / 3590C / 4500
KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Series Scanner Models / 1500 / 2500 / 3500 / / 3510 / 3520 / 3590C / 4501
KODAK Alaris S2000 Series Scanner
KODAK Alaris e1000 Series Scanners
KODAK s3000 Series Scanner

KIOSK PRODUCTS - Recycling Shipping Label - $50.00

Kiosk Card Reader
Kiosk Flatbed
Kiosk Processor (PC)
Kiosk Display (Flat Screen LCD)
Kiosk Scanner
Kiosk Printer
Kiosk G20 Order Station

PACKAGING - Recycling Shipping Label - $50.00


LARGE SCANNERS - Bulk Recycling Pickup - $400.00

KODAK Alaris i4000 Series Scanner
KODAK i600 Series Scanner
KODAK i700 Series Scanner
KODAK Alaris i5000 Series Scanner
KODAK i800 Series Scanner
KODAK i1800 Series Scanner